Prison Break

22 08 2006

If you are a TV buff like me and you like thriller series, then I think you would like “Prison Break (link) ” on Fox. I think its much better than 24.

Prison Break is different as it has two main characters tryin to escape from the prison…one (Lincoln Borrows)….who s on the death row for murdering the Vice President’s brother and the other (Michael Scoffield) is his brother who goes to jail only to get his brother out. Clinically diagnosed with low latent inhibition, Michael is unable to block out periphery information and instead processes every aspect and detail of any given stimulus. This, combined with a high IQ, theoretically makes him a creative genius.

He had specific sections of the prison tattooed onto his upper body, hidden within gothic imagery of battling angels and demons. His chest features an image of a demon slaying an angel and contains blueprints of the prison’s underground tunnels and passageways. His back has the angel attacking the demon and hides an overhead view of the layout of the prison. His right arm has an image of the demon, and the left, the image of the angel, as well as numerous clues and reminders (e.g. chemical formulae, phone numbers and names of necessary parts he must procure within the prison). His arm also contains the image of a Native American “Moaning Man”.

There are other convicts too who escape with these two and they are pretty good characters too. The ensemble cast is amazing….each character is etched out pretty well.

The twist in the tale is that the VP’s brother is not actually murdered and its all a conspiracy by the “Company” who want to execute Lincoln for their own gain.

Season 2 deals with convicts escaping from the Fox River State Penitentiary and the authorities pursuing them. It will talk more about the conspiracy to put Lincoln back in the jail.

Be sure to check it out on Fox. Enjoi!!!


Happy Janmashtami!!

16 08 2006

Today is the birthday of Lord Krishna and I would like to wish all of my fellow Indians –
A Happy Janmashtami

Like Christmas…which people celebrate all around the world for the birth of Jesue Christ ; “Janmashtami” is the day when Lord Krishna was born and Indians all over the world celebrate this day and perform pooja.