27 07 2005

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27 07 2005

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Rain Rain Go Away

27 07 2005

Mumbai is disconnected from the rest of the world due to the heavy rains for the past 24 hrs. This is like the third time in the last 5 years…and I witnessed two of them. I was at work with my dad once and we had to spend the night in office and could only leave next day in the morning when the water level went down. And the other time I walked home from Andheri Airport to home in like 5 hours. But, it was quite an experience. I have to admit I am a big fan of the Mumbai rains…and I call it Mumbai rains coz I feel its different from the rest of the world….heavy rains…but the life of every Mumbaite carries on at a normal pace…just not this time.
I love walking in the rains and running in the rains….never was in the habit of carryin umbrellas or jackets with me…not a big fan of those….

I read in the papers that in the past 20 years it has rained more than 700mm in the Santacruz area and thats the highest rainfall in a single day for Mumbai.

I just hope things get better and that life goes back to normal.

Cricket Humor

25 07 2005

“We can get a man on the moon, yet we can’t find a white cricket ball that lasts 80 overs.”
Geoff Boycott shoots from the hip during the annual Cowdrey Lecture

“Sex, drugs, cricketing things. You name it – he’s been through it.”
Kevin Pietersen on Warne’s mentoring skills

All those queuing up for the opening slot don’t have it in them. They are all crap.”
Geoff Boycott cheers up those in contention to open the batting for India

“Virender Sehwag is a player of paranormal ability.”
Navjot Sidhu explains the secret of Sehwag’s success in a Ten Sports broadcast of India’s first Test against Pakistan

Few Sidhuisms

The Indian tail is like a Doberman, when they must be German Shepherds.
He is a wily fox. But, if we make the fox run, the chicken will become hen.
“You cannot ride a seat-less bicycle without getting blisters on your bums.”
“Wickets are like wives – you never know which way they will turn! ”
“Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than what they hide.”
“The gap between bat and pad is so much that I would have driven a car through it… !! “

Bad mood

22 07 2005

Have u ever felt when u get up in the morning that this is not gonna be your day? I m feeling something like this today….Just not feeling good….not in the mood to do anything…..not even watching TV…I can t believe that….TV is one thing I can do at any point of time….today nah….

No bad news…no arguments…no one said anything that hurt me…but just not in the Moood….
Hoping that my mood changes soon…n be happy n smiling again….

Seinfeld is something that can cheer me up…lets see if that works

Man on the Moon

20 07 2005

So I gather from Vai’s blog that today is some kinda anniversary of sending the first man on the moon…I seriously dun know why is that such a big thing?

Putting a man on the moon…its not like he is the first resident on the moon…then it would be a great story for his kids n grand kids n tell that he started a colony down there for people to stay….From what I’ve seen and read about the whole thing…..the space war between US and Russia….it looks more like a hoax to me….but then again…I wasn’t there to witness any of the events to come to a conclusion….

But one thing that putting a man on the moon did was to start comparing everything with that one accomplishment. I feel it was a big mistake to put a man up there and I also think it was a big mistake for Newton to sit under that apple tree.

When some technology doesn’t work in our favor, we tend to compare it with landing the man on the moon. Even Seinfeld, my favorite standup comic makes fun of sending a man on the moon. He said in his episode today about it. “I think we all would have been a lot happier if they hadn’t landed a man on the moon. Then we’d go, they can’t make a prescription bottle top that’s easy to open? I’m not surprised they couldn’t land a man on the moon. Things make perfect sense to me now.

So as we have sent man to the moon, I believe man has also been on the planet Mars….but I still haven’t heard much about it…..I guess it’s not as bigger deal as sending a man on the moon. And since there s not much gravity up there….the astronauts tend to jump in the air and people started using this as a figure of speech when something good happens we tend to say …. “Look! He s like the man on the MOON” …Come on people…be different ….come up with something new……

On the lighter side….I liked the scene from the movie “God Only Knows” where they talked about Moon having only night shifts…the dialogue goes something like this…..” ChandraDev, yeh aapke saath aannaay hai, u have to work only night shifts. Once i become the king of gods, I ll see to it that u get day shifts too.” We also tend to say Chand sa roshan chehra and then even say that Chand main bhi daag hote hai….so the movie also talks about giving Chandradev plastic surgery to get rid of the dirty spots……HAHA

Riddle Time

15 07 2005

I dun feel like writing much today except asking u guys some riddles….lets see if u can get them right….:)

1. A TC (ticket checker) starts checking tickets on a train travelling from Churchgate to Borivali in the ladies compartment. TC meets a woman wearing a saree and asks her for ticketat Bombay Central. She says ” ticket toh nahi hai jee” . TC says ” thik he 200 rupaiye”. Then TC comes across a woman wearing a salwar kameez at Dadar station and asks her ” ticket please madam?”. she replies ” ticket nahi hai mere paas.” TC collects a fine for Rs. 150. Then TC comes across a girl in skirt and a shirt at Bandra and asks her for the ticket and she too doesnt have it. Collects a fine for Rs. 100. Next at Andheri TC comes across a hot girl in tank top and a mini skirt..wow….and asks for ticket…she says very politely ” mere paas ticket nahi hai jee”. TC looks at the girl and says Rs. 50 please. Next, TC comes across one more girl at Borivali station but doesnt collect any fine…..now You have to tell me why doesnt the TC collect the fine from the girl??

2. Math riddle – I need 4 numbers between 1 and 40 such that when u use these numbers either individually or together u should get all the numbers between 1 and 40. U cannot use the same number again and the only operations that u can perform with the numbers is addition and subtraction. For example, if I say I want 6 then using those 4 numbers, u shld be able to give me 6. If i say 35, then u shld be able to give me 35 with addition or subtraction of those numbers.

So start cracking your brains….Lets hope u get the right answers…:)