Trip to the Motherland

2 02 2005


I m back after a month long vacation to visit my dear family in Mumbai, India. I missed them very much when I was here and I was very happy to see them after such a long time. The surprise visit that I had planned worked out real fine and they were shocked to see home 3 days early. My visit was a great one, had great fun with my family and my brother with whom i guess i spent the largest amount of time.

When anyone from US of A reaches India, the first thing they encounter with their relatives is the rapid fire quesion round unlike rapid fire round that Karan Johar has in his show ‘Koffee with karan’. I think this show is the one of the worst kind…but then u hav all the star celebrities coming on the show coz its karan johar’s show…but then..who would like to see karan and his antics..whcih are so very gay…I m sorry karan..they do look like u r gay…Neways…comin to my rapid fire questions whcih each n everyone of my relative fired at me….the questions were the same from eeveryone and the answers were the same…the only difference…different ppl asking them…
sample questionnaire;
so beta, favi gayu tya? (for pppl who dont understand Gujju – so son, are u all settled there?)
do u cook at home? and then when u answer yes, there is shock on their face and then the next question eager to come oout..wat all do u cook there??
who all are ur roomates? do u get along well with them…??
so how many more months or years to go for u to complete ur graduation?
wats ur field of specialization?? etc…etc…..etc..

I was so damn tired of answering them…that i thought it would be nice if I could just get it printed on a tshirt n wear it to whereever i go or get all the answers recorded on a tape n then play it for them….

I had a lot of fun even after all this. Went to some nice places in the city….paid visit to the Holy temple in Shrinathji and also went to Jamnagar to meet my cousins.

Went to my sister’ s farmhouse near the Maharashtra-Gujrat border….it was a very big one….they ahd more than 40 acres of land with them ….had huge farms of vegetables, chickoo trees, coconut trees, mango plantations and a lot more….

I also went to the much talked abt Inorbit mall…it was nice…very much on the basis of the malls here in US but still i think it has a long way to go to match the beauty and the size of the malls here in the US. they had food courts and games joints like we hav here in the carousal mall but the prices were too high. it also housed a 8 screen multiplex ‘Fame’. overall, a nice place but it could do without having people to pay for parking.

Saw quite a lot of movies too. Swades, Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo…n many others.
personally, I found Swades a good movie but was too long. Music of the mvie was the one thign that stands apart from the others. A R rahman has done a fab job on this one.

Well, I m back to Uncle Sam….workin hard on my last semester courses and looking out for jobs too. So if u happen to find any opening in the field of Supply chain management and Operations management please do email me at

thanks for reading.