What If…..

20 06 2006

Well looking back on the past 26 years of my life…..I would like to mention a few things that would have changed the course of my life… I would like to call that “What If”

What If

1. I had taken “Commerce” instead of “Science” in junior college.

2. I had kept my Chemical Engineering Seat in BVIT, Navi Mumbai and not opted for Production Engineering in Somaiya’s.

3. I had stuck to doing MBA rather than changing my mind to pursue M.S. in the US.

4. I would have taken admission in the Advanced Marketing Course in NMIMS for Post Graduate degree.

4. I would have opted to go to USC for MS in Industrial Engg and not MS in Engg Mgmt at Syracuse

5. I would have worked harder towards getting an internship and not worked at convienence store.

6. things would have worked with RWD in Princeton and not joined a consultant.

7. I would have bought the new VW Passat ’06.

8. I would have confessed my true love to that someone special.

I am happy for the choices I made in life…I have no regrets when I look back in time. I have learnt a lot from these experiences and would not trade these for anything. Everything has taught me something new, how to be brave, how to accept new changes in life, gave me new friends for life. I cherish every moment of the past 26 years (not 26 to be precise..as I dun recollect much of what I did when I was a small kid..but thats not the point here). I also believe that whatever choices you make, whatever happens to you in life…..happens for a reason and it happens to better your life.
God is always there to keep you in the right track if you believe in him.


Soup Nazi!!! (No Soup for you)

9 06 2006

Well today I witnessed my first experience of a Soup Nazi except here it is a Chinese Restaurant and not an Italian Soup Place. For people who don t know about the Soup Nazi, he was a character on Seinfeld (Oh God!! There he goes again about Seinfeld.) who used to deny Soup to people who he did not like or who asked too many questions at his shop.

Ok, back to my story. So I went to grab some lunch today at this Chinese Restaurant opposite my building. I dont know why …but 90% of Chinese Restaurants are always named ‘Panda’ or ‘Panda West’ – this one is called Panda. I have been there many times before but not during peak lunch time. So I went in there..waited for my turn to order and you have to be quick on what you want elz they ll bump you down the line which means more waiting time. So I ordered Veg Fried Rice Spicy No mushrooms. And this is how you are supposed to order there — quick and simple. If you ask questions you don t get a reply or they just say something which you can hardly understand. My order was screamed in Chinese to the cooks who were just 5-6 feet away in the kitchen…i hav no idea why. So while I was waiting there, I noticed that someone had ordered seasame chicken and some lo mein and rice. She screamed the order like twice and then just kept it on the side. The person who had ordered it came in but was made to wait for like 10 mins before he was handed his bag. That was funny. This scene brought the Soup Nazi episode to my mind. Unlike other Chinese Restaurants where you might get Broccoli in everything that you order rice or lo mein…this one apparently charges you more for broccoli. Also, you are never supposed to ask for more sauces, spoons or forks…she gives you a very weird look and then just puts in one more piece of watever u asked for extra. I never check my order of food there like when I order no mushrooms or broccoli coz I am scared that I do find them in my rice /lo mein and ask them about it they might just say to me – “No Rice for you, Out!!