winter time in Syracuse

2 12 2004

Hey all,
well its been a long time since my first post…sorry abt that…
well for starters….i din know if ppl were reading my blog…n on second thoughts…y would ppl read my blog which has just one posting..

its december now…semester abt to end for all …holidays about to start..
well i have to shop a lot for my folks back there in India…as i m goin home in holidays…i ll be meeting them after 1 1/2 year….thats the longest i have stayed away from them…..
when i went to hyderabad for my GRE and TOEFL..i was away from them for like a week n those seemed like years to me then….i was thinkin to myself…wat will i do when i actually go to US and have to stay away from them……it was tough seriously…especially a person like me who s grown up in a joint family with my cousins n everyone home…house was always full of people….i miss all that….playin with my nieces n nephews….going out with them….well i miss all that….
but now since i m goin home..mumbai, india…i m gonna utilize the entire month n spend more quality time with everyone…..coz gods knwos when i ll see them next….

one thing that happens when u leave ur family n come to US or for that matter any other that people who would not normally ask abt u…will ask ur parents n ur cousins n ur brothers n sisters abt u all the time….questions like…’how is he doin there’ , ‘wat s he doin there’, ‘when s he comin back’, ‘where is he in US – new york or california or chicago?’ people jsut seem to know these places…for them US is jsut NY and california….if my parents would say to them that i m in syracuse….they would go like – wat….how do u even say that name…coz it wud be tough for them to pronounce it…the good part for me is taht syracuse is in NY so they say that i m in NY…jst imagine if i was in a state like mississippi or missiouri or loiusana…they wouldn t even know if these states existed here…..but u cnat help it coz their knowledge is as limited as ppl here in US for whom is India is a one BIG VILLAGE — they are shocked to know that india is big n has metro cities like MUMBAI,DELHI, BANGOLORE, etc….they are shocked many times when they know that our education was done entirely in english….but its not their fault…for them INDIA is wat shown in Discovery channel and National Geographic…..these channels fail to highlight the good points of the country..even the documentaries are made on issues like poverty, red lights, etc… one makes a documentary on why so much work is being “OUTSOURCED to INDIA”….why does india get so much work….wat makes them a better and a cheaper option….MAybe i should make that documentary film…at least that would change india’ s image in the minds of the US people….

switching the topic to ME now, …two projects due, one final exam, one program simulation and then i m done with this semester. Apart from that work in foodcourts here….make some money before i go home…
winter is settling in ehre too… snowed for 2 days in early november but after that the weather has been pleasant…hasnt been that cold too….may be its the silience before the storm….syracuse is known to have snow for more than half of the year…..its snows here even in may….sun rises n sun sets…n u dun even get a glimpse of him for days…..when we had a welcome seminar by the OIS(office of international Students), the director told us that if u see sun in the winter time….have a good look at it coz u wont know when u ll see him nxt…ppl say that what can shut down the entire captial(washington DC) for a week…will not stop SU students from attending class…..jsut imagine the infrastructure these people have to keeep everything running even during snow storms….

well i guess i shld get back to my project now….

n hopefully my next post wont take so long…;)

enjoi the winter…Premal