Weird Dream

26 09 2005

I have always got weird dreams in the night…none of them ever make sense or have any logic attached to it.
Last night, I had this very weird dream and if i can recollect correctly…let me tell u abt wat it was..

I have this friend(girl) of mine..with whom i m not in touch anymore..for various reasons….now apparently she shows up in my dream…tryin to create problems in my life and also in the lives of my friends (couple) whom she doesnt know…She tries to create misunderstanding between the couple and all this while i was just a spectator to wat she was doin and how she was manipulating the entire situation…it was like a Hindi film…..her telling my friend that she ll reveal the truth about wat happened between them and trying to break his relationship with his girlfriend….(main sabko sach bata dungi ki kya chal raha tha hamera beech main)…..i was like ..wait…how the hell do they know each other…they ve never met before or even heard abt each other…….I swear man….it was very very weird…

lekin naseeb hi gandu toh kya kare pandu…aankh khul gayi aur…sala suspense pata hi nahi chala ki kya chal raha tha dono ke beech…ek affair shayad…..kya farak padta hai ki dream tha…suspense pata chalta toh aur mazaa aata…

now lets wait for part 2 🙂


Simply WOW!!!

19 09 2005

Remember Taranuum…the bar dancer from Mumbai that has been linked with match-fixing and Muttiah Murlitharan….
Well it seems lots of actors and cricketers used to visit her in the Deepa Bar, Mumbai.

And now I have managed to get pictures of her through a friend…and believe me….I can see why is she most sought after bar dancer in the country….She s got one of the prettiest faces that I ve seen.

Msg me if you want to her picture..I ll mail it to you.


16 09 2005

This is something written by my very good friend Imran from Somaiya Engineering….since i m not good at writing poems I thought i could atleast hav his pasted and give his poetic abilities some publicity…hahaha

Life is too difficult for one to understand,
Just makes you wonder at time, ‘where do I stand?’
Am I here to live at my own will?
Or do I allow all my desires to be killed?

There are days you cry, and there are days you enjoy,
With such ups and down’s life just goes by.
All go through happiness and all go through pain.
All do suffer loss and all do gain.

When the going gets tough,
The clock just does not move on,
But when things are easy,
Before you could cherish it everything is gone.

Just pray to God that you are able to bear the pain,
Just pray to God that you are magnanimous when you gain.
Just pray to God that that loss does not cause havoc,
Just pray to God that happiness comes in huge stock.

Then get on with life, coz it won’t wait.
Mighty Lord is the one who will get everything straight.

– IMMO –

The Wait

12 09 2005

I ve been waiting for too long now…i hope the day is coming soon when i ll finally say to people….”yes my friends…i have a job now”…i m dying to say that for so long…

I have made mistakes…many of them….some known..some unknown…..which all led to the wait to be long …almost 5 months now….long time huh…..very long time…But i m just prayin that i get something before the end of this month….elz….UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Just hoping that things fall into place soon….and then my life would be place and mind at peace….and family at ease….

Mirza Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 09 2005

So its Sania Mirza Mania that has taken over US Open this year…..she s cute…she s 18 and she s indian and most importantly she is in the 4th Round match against no. 1 seed Maria Sharapova….who expected that to happen…not me…..but finally we ve managed to get one good tennis player from the country who is capable of moving up in the singles tournament.

Paes, Bhupathi….good doubles player…singles….they suck. They could be a great force in doubles if they set aside they differences and play with each other again…

Neways, this post is not abt indian tennis….its about Sania Mirza……I just hope that all the endorsements and publicity that she ll get once she s back home …doesnt take her away from the tennis…
Now, since she is in the top 50..42 to be precise….I would love to see her in the top 20 and its not that difficult considering her toughness and character she shows in the game…only area of weakness…..her serving and unforced errors….

All the best…Sania….keep the wins coming in…..

( I’m hoping I get some company to see US Open this Sunday)