Randomness – III

26 10 2006

This is my third part of the Randomness series that I started few months back. But this time it will be structured a little differently.

Yesterday, I had a big screen private screening for the movie ‘Jaan-E-Maan’. The producer and the director of the movie knew about the vast knowledge and expertise I possess for Hindi films. So here is my small review for the movie. First, welcome back Salman Khan! This role suits Salman to the ‘T’ and he has shown us that he is still capable of matching the other Khans in the acting department. His comic timing and emotional scenes are very good. Akshay Kumar as the geeky dude looks good. He is one of the few stars, who holds a movie on his performance and keeps people wanting more of him. Preity Zinta looks very pretty and cute. She made me fall in love with her again. J Good performances from the top 3 stars of the movie.

Now coming to the story – story is the same old Love triangle we’ve seen in hundreds of Bollywood movies but the execution of the story is different which sets it apart from the rest. It has some good comedic sequences between Salman and Akshay. The screenplay is quite different from what we have seen before. It might a little to hard to digest but then it’s a movie not a real life situation so lets give them some liberty in that aspect. Music is good and the songs are choreographed in a totally different way. They have conveyed the story through the songs which is something we haven’t seen in movies for a long time. My final verdict – good attempt for a first-time director and you should definitely give it a look.


Movin to the topic that is close to my heart for all these years, Cricket. As most of you would know that the ICC Champions Trophy 2006 has been held in India. This is like the pre-world cup before the World Cup 2007. The format of this tournament is the format of the World Cup 1996. I believe Champions Trophy should be like a Knockout Tournament and not have league matches and semi-finals and then the finals. They should start off by pitting teams against each other based on their ODI Rankings and then have the top team play the bottom ranked team and so on and only have the top 8 teams playing the tournament. League matches extend the tournament and people start losing interest in it as we have teams playing multiple mediocre games. With the knockout format, any team that is good on its day advances and that keeps the excitement going.

Anyways, coming to Team India, Mr. Captain I have a few thoughts on the team composition and would like to share it with you and the coach. First, I feel Sehwag and Pathan should be sent to the national Cricket Academy and be advised to work on their basics of batting and bowling respectively. Sehwag is getting losing hair and wickets as days go by. He hasn’t made a consistent contribution in the team for a long time and he definitely needs some spanking to get him straight. As for Pathan, I wonder if he believes he is more valuable to the team as a batsman and hence ignoring the fact that he is more of a bowler than a batsman. He has to learn to pick some pace and then learn to pitch the ball in the right spots. Mr. McGrath your help in advising Pathan on how to bowl a consistent line and length would be highly appreciated by me and other Indian cricket fans. Also, Raina needs to go back to domestic cricket and learn how to finish a game if he has to keep batting at the no.7 position. Mike Hussey has been doing it consistently for Australia and he doesn’t throw his wicket away in the dying overs but manages to keep the strike to get the ball out of the ground. Dhoni, Raina are you reading this?? Kaif definitely deserves the right to be in the playing 11 ahead of Raina. His fielding skills are much superior to Raina and has proved to be a good finisher of the game with cheeky singles and twos and the occasional slogs. Those are some of the points that I’d like our Indian team management to think about.


Well as most of you would know that I have bought a new car (VW Jetta ’06). This is my first big purchase and it certainly feels so good to own a car. It had a long time since I wanted a car of my own and finally I have it. It gives me my own space and I feel like I am me in it. The best part is that I feel it compliments my personality completely. Anyways, bottom-line is that I love my Car!!

Before I bid adiós to y’all. I would like to thank Michael Schumacher for providing us all with so many thrilling and entertaining moments throughout his career in Formual 1 racing. His absence in Formula 1 racing would surely be missed not just by the fans but also by all the teams and drivers in the sport. Formula 1 would never be the same without you, M.S.!! Good luck to you for all of your future endeavours.


New & Improved

24 10 2006

Hello All,

This is my new and improved blog for all you readers who like to read my nonsense. I called this blog…’my junkyard‘. Hope you like the look of it.

I would posting something new pretty soon…so keep watching this space.

Adios Amigos!!