Kaun Banega Crorepati?

29 06 2005

i was watching Millionaire today on ABC…n it reminded me of the days when KBC was on air…..
looking at the questions here…..man..i cannot more than 3/4th of them…but in KBC i guesss i could hav answered most of them…

neways…but this reminded me the day when i went to KBC as a participant…..i swear…i was there….as a participant in the audience poll…haha…. yea so me and my friends went there…it was an amazing experience…
they had rehersals for everything…right from the contestants shaking hands to waving frantically n funnily when they are introduced….they even had a rehersal for the audience poll…….all this was done before AB came on the set

and once AB is on the set…one just can t take off his eyes from this amazing personality….the way he walks and talks….its amazing….he interacted with the audience too by talking to some people before the shoot started…

and i guess our luck was very good….coz the show got extended as due to heavy rains that caused some leak in the roof and the water started dripping on the sets…
so AB started interacting with the audience again…..n this time….trust me guys…it was more fun…and when he was talking abt something on ur side…i said something funny which i can t recollect now….and he started laughing….i was so happy….my silly PJ made him laugh….unlike you guys…who dun like my PJs…haha…

neways…the show started again…and this time we wanted to do something that would stand apart..and we got our chance…the contestant chose 50-50 lifeline for the question first….and that removed B and D options….and he still coudlnt answer it so he asked for the audience poll….i told my friend sittin next to me…lets hit B and D and see wat happens…and we did that….and when the results were out….it had A and C very similar percentage..but…B and D both received 2% ….and AB said…even after 50-50 ppl think B and D are right…and this got everyone in the studio in splits …..and me and my friend started laughing…coz of wat we did…

after the show was over…ppl interacted with AB …not me coz i went out for some pav bhaji…..but i did manage to get his autograph …it was cool…..

next blog…abt the Sachin Tendulkar – Kapil Dev experience…:)



26 06 2005
All day staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something

Hold on
Feeling like I'm headed for a breakdown
And I don't know why

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be...me

---- something that i think relates to me now----
---- courtesy Matchbox 20 ----


24 06 2005

Monsoon Rains for Bombay Trains Posted by Hello

Premu Bhai

10 06 2005

After watching D, looking at the character of D – Deshu, i realised all u need to be a Don is daring nothin elz. U dont necessarily have to physically strong but u do have to be mentally as it s all the mind games that these dons play. To shoot someone at point blank range, u need the balls to do it by looking him in the eye and shooting him as u r taking away a life and that life could be anyones…a fellow gangster, a rich person, or a police man or sometimes even a common man. The sole aim of these goons is to make money and not to get caught by the system. I ve heard it in a movie in which they say “logo ka darr is dandhe ke liye sabse bada fayda hai” if people are scared of them they wont go to the police and complain or be a witness against any crime. Few years ago and i guess even now, people are scared to go the police to get their work done, they go to the BHAIs.

Living in Mumbai, u realise that there is such a big influence of the underworld in the city. Even though, Dawood and Chotta Shakeel (in police custody now) or Chotta Rajan they have a big influence in people s lives. One Phone call from the bhai s ” Kya be shane, bahut maal kama raha hai tu aajkaal, Ek KOKHA tyar rakhna budhwar tak, Rajanbhai ne bola hai, samjha kya. chal phone rakh abhi”

Sometimes, i think that even i could be a don, i know i m not physically strong but then who in underworld is…all they have is the Ghoda ( gun) and the gand main dum ( sorry for the language). If i manage to hav the guts and i stop caring for human lives, then i could be a don too. Phir aapna bhi naam hoga kya, Premal Mehta se Premu Bhai…hahaha..funny…


4 06 2005

Being a Gemini, we (as in people born between may21 – jun 20) have twin personality. I believe so.
I guess, they say that Gemini’ s are hard to understnad becoz of this trait. I dun know abt that. Maybe people who know me can comment on that….Am I hard to understand i mean personality wise and not my communication skills ;)..haha.

we are lively, talkative, need variety in life, love reading ( no books for me…anything elz will do). we are kind, generous, affectionate, courteous, good loooking (ok i made the last one) but they do say gemini s are attractive. some of my college friends from undergrad used to tell me that gemini s are big flirts…i wonder if thats true….am I or am i not….i guess we need to ask this questions to the girls i know….
one of the worst traits of geminis are that they are superficial and cunning. they would do anything to keep their mind occupied…so they dun like to bogged down or sit alone so they love mental challenges…no hard work here.

u can read more abt gemini s here on this link…


But i still haven t figured out the thing i was looking for…..who are gemini s most compatible with….having twin personality can make this very diffcult i guess….