Top Pick of the Week

5 12 2005

Now since i have subscribed to Netflix, I will be watching a lot of movies. So I decided to post my top pick of the week for the movies I think are worth watching.

This week I watched JFK, K-PAX and The Insider. All three are top-class and so different from each other. Two of them are recreation of the true stories that happened and K-Pax, a nice fictional story with an amazing story. Amazing acting by Kevin Spacey and awesome background score.

But, the one I liked the most is ‘The Insider‘. Top performances by Rusell Crowe and Al Pacino. Truly deserved the awards. It based on the true story that aired on 60 Minutes on CBS by Dr. Jeffrey Wigand. He took on the 7 Big tobacco companies and helped the states of US win the biggest legal battle of all time.

Let me know wat you think abt it…