The End

29 08 2005

When u start something new, u know that it has to come to an end. Sometimes the end is far and sometimes it’s sooner and sometimes u never know when it will end.

I had started something few months back, really enjoied it and today, it came to an end. I din’t want it to end atleast not so soon but it had to end eventually if not now, then after a few months.

Like they say…all good things come to end sooner or later.
So is it THE END or the start of a NEW BEGINNING….i dun know.


Bond, James Bond

22 08 2005

So the latest news is that Pierce Brosnan will no longer be playing the role of 007. There are quite a few names that are being discussed for this role.

Who would be your choice for the role of James Bond??
I could help u out with a few names that are being discussed right now…..they are Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Julian Mcmahon (Dr. Doom from Fantastic 4), Heath Ledger, Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Craig and many more…

My choice would be Clive Owen. I think he oozes the class and the personality required for this role. As for the new bond girl, i d like to see Scarlett Johannason displaying her assets on the screen.

Who’s yr fav Superhero?????

17 08 2005

I believe everyone has a superhero whom they’ d like to be or like to emulate one day. Afterall, there are so many out there and new ones comin everyday with each new animated movie from Walt Disney, Fox, Pixar. So who is your favorite superhero?? Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Phantom, Daredevil, GreenLantern, Wolverine, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America and our very own Shaktimaan. Also, remember Tap-Some-Bone, the chinaman from the Russell Peters standup comedy.

My favorite is undoubtedly, SUPERMAN! I have always admired him from the first time I saw him in the movie’ Superman’. Everything about him is so cool – flying, superspeed, bulletproof, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, heat generating power and so much more. It said that Superman got his powers and his abilites due to Earth’s lower gravity compared to Krypton and the yellow Sun. I have always tried out different things and tried the scream of He-Man too….’By the power of GraySkull, I have the power’ and tried so many other things when i was kid, just to find out if i had some special ability that would make me a superhero.

I also took part in the fancy dress competition in school and who i dress like…our very own Superman….although i didnt win the competition coz if my memory serves me right…there are other superman s too in the competition…who said the lines much better than me. Few years down the line, my brother doned the same outfit and tried to be Superman, he lost too. HAHA.

I am not a big comic book fan but i m very much a fan of superhero movies and series….i remember watching Batman and Robin on StarTv and then Spiderman cartoons. I still watch the series ‘Smallville’ based on Superman comics. Now, the new Superman movie is coming out, i can t wait to watch that one….but no matter who acts as a Superman, Christopher Reeve played the role to perfection. Who wouldnt love to play a superhero? We’ve had so many actors play Batman, so many who wanted to play Superman after Christopher Reeve…more than ppl who want to James Bond. I d love to play Superman or Spiderman, but i wouldn’t look the part for both. HAHA.

Amazing Escape

14 08 2005

Chk this video……

Truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Love or Money

12 08 2005

This Micheal J Fox starrer is about a guy who has to choose between his love or money that he ll get from an investor if he helps him take care of his mistress.
Sounds familiar, yes……this is the movie that inspired our very own YES BOSS. But, this is one better coz it has Micheal J Fox in it n not the rootlu pootlu SRK.

So wat would u choose if u were in that kinda situation???? Love for a girl who loves someone elz but then realises that she loves u or the Money required to fulfill ur life long dream.
I dun know…its kinda hard….never fallen in love…so dun hav an answer….but dreams, Yes!!!…i hav many….n i definitely need lotta money for that.

Happy Friendship Day

7 08 2005

Wishing all my friends a wonderful ‘Happy Friendship Day‘ and thanking them on this day to be a part of my life and sharing their experiences with me and giving me valuable lessons in life.

Friends….the best thing to happen to you after your parents and your siblings. When you are a kid, you make your friends without choosing them, it just happens and you become close and best pals for life or you lose touch with them and go separate ways. When you grow up, you choose your friends after talking to them and getting to know them better and then u decide whether u want to keep in touch and be friends or just want to limit it to being acquaintances. Once you become good friends you depend on a lot on him/her for important decisions in life, emotional support, guidance and just about having a good time when things are not goin your way.

I ve had many friends till now…..some are still good friends…others …..well…we lost our way or gone separate ways and not in touch anymore…but that doesn t mean that i dun want to be friends…just tht we made choices that were different and it took us to different places and hence was hard to keep in touch.
I ve learnt a lot from my friends….honestly….most of my experiences…good or bad…..things, i ve learnt..good or bad….have all been with my friends…and i want to Thank my friends for all of this….it has helped me be a better person…and helped me learn valuable lessons in life.

Sometimes when i look back and think about some of the friends that i had…i regret in trusting them blindly…coz they happen to be a totally different person than u know and then they come from behind and stab u in the back and blame u for everything thats gone wrong……I wish i was more careful back then in trusting them …..but then come to think about….i haven t changed much now …….

I ve tried to be good friends with everyone….I m not sayin that i m a perfect guy or a perfect friend….I mite hav my own share of flaws that u guys are aware of….but i d just like to say this to all of u….i ve never ever tried or did anything knowingly that i knew would hurt someone or his feelings….unknowingly i mite hav..i dun know… and i d like to apologize for that….

but there are certain things that i dun like abt some of my friends…..i dun like it when they call me only when they need some help or guidance…..not tht i dun mind that…i d like to help them out…but then guys….just call me sometimes just for some regular chit chat n not just when u need something….would really appreciate that…i m not sayin that u share everything with wats goin on with ur life…but then jsut a few mins of casual conversation..but please dont talk to me when i call just for the heck of it…..but then again…i mite be doin the same thing to others too…so can t blame anyone….

I ve tried and will always try to help my friends in watever way i can…..I want them to know that whenever u need me…u can count on me and i d be there for you and will do everything in my strength to help you. And I want to thank again for all my friends who helped me and guided me in every possible way they can.

New Fun Game

5 08 2005

guys…if u liked the penguin game…
i guess u ll like this too..

i tried it once..n the score was 7919…lets see if u get higher than that in ur first attempt….GOOD LUCK!