My Recipe for being a Reality TV Star

11 04 2007

If you want to be famous in the Entertainment Industry, the easiest way to achieve that fame is to be a Reality TV show star. And by star, I do not necessarily mean winning the competition. You could be more famous than the winner of the competition, if you can manage to keep the press, the media and people talking about you.

So here is my recipe if you want to achieve the stardom and the fame just like Taylor Hicks, William Hung and now Sanjaya Malakar.

1. Be weirdly different. Do something is that is funny to others but which is completely you.

2. Once you are in the finals, keep innovating yourself every week on the show.

3. Start a rumor about yourself in the press.

4. Have your friends and enemies write about your craziness on the web. Have  them create ‘I hate…’ and ‘I love….’ communities on various social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Orkut etc.

5. Dig into your photos from all the past years and have them posted on the blog.  And then say to the press, you had no idea they were taken.

6. Get into an argument with a judge on the show and then apologize for being rude, but never say Sorry and retract your statements.

7. Flirt with the female judge on the show.

8. Have spoofs created on you on SNL, MadTV, Mind of Mencia, Tonight show, Late show, etc.

9. Cash in on every opportunity you get to make money. Appear in TV commercials for products that even you might never use.

Last and the most important one……

10. Win the God damm Competition!!!!!!