30 05 2006

Just some random thoughts and words that have been with me for quite some time.

— Life is full of crap; some people give the crap and some people get the crap. I m in the later.

— Everyone has a side that they hide from even their close ones. I dun know why…but they do. Either it’s fear of what the other person mite think of them or they just like it that way.

— I hate the new shows on TV….the only good one currently on is the Last Comic Standing.

— Yes. I watched the American Idol and I am a fan of the show. I loved the talent that was there this season. Chris should have won but Taylor…Congratulations!!

— Work sucks.

— Be honest with me….don’t lie. If I find out that you ve lied, then it could be over.

— Like the new ad for Mac where they ve shown a Bill Gates like dressed middle aged man as the PC and jeans clad young man as the Mac. It’s an amazing concept to showcase the youthful nature of Mac compared to the rigidness of a PC.

— I think Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job in Walk the Line….with the singing and the acting. Love the music too.

— I hate the quota system in India. I strongly agree with the protests. I wish instead of granting them seats in medical colleges and engineering colleges, they should give them scholarship based on merit.

— Some people think I m funny…I said some… if only i was not lazy and could come up with some material…i think i could make it to standup comedy….what do u think???

— I hate American Polictics and I think George Bush is not working for American people but for American Oil Companies.

— Current Fav Song : Home from Michael Buble and Na Jaane Kyun from Strings.

— I wish I could act a lill bit more mature for my age. I have tried…but it;s hard.

— I hate when people babytalk. It’s not that its not funny but I feel for that poor kid who has hear ur crap which he/she can t even understand.

— If I could hav it my way, then i would like to be in the Entertainment business.

— I miss Bombay.


Absolutely Hilarious :))

3 05 2006

Key Note Speech from Prez. Bush at White House