14 12 2006

My fav comedy series is undoubtedly Seinfeld…..although Friends is very good…but it has a different brand of comedy compared to Seinfeld.
Today I was watching the last few episodes of Seinfeld and I just couldn t stop laughing.
What’s Seinfeld all abt? Nothing…in the words of George Costanza ” It’s about nothing. Who says you gotta have a story? ” It’s a show about the activities that could happen to us on our daily lives.

Whenever I feel down, I’ d put Seinfeld on and it works…it cheers me up. I just love the characters on the show….but my fav characters are George, Kramer and Neuman. As George said Kramer leads of a life of fantasy… work, eating neighbors food, having sex without dating….I would mind leading a life like that….

I remember the episode last week where Jerry talks abt how importance is Speed Dial in a person’s life…he says its the relationship barometer….the number u occupy on the speed dial is the indicator of ur importance in that person’s life.
U be good to a person and u move up and u do something bad..u move down or totally out of the speed dial list….and something even better than being on the speed dial is if u r on the emergency numbers list.




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