Randomness – Part IV

30 11 2006

– I just have this strong feeling that says that my life is about to change. I don’t know if that change will be good or bad and I don’t know what will cause that change. But sometimes, you just know that something is about to happen and it happens without you even knowing it.

– Its Holiday season…Thanksgiving and now Christmas….good times for everyone to spend with their family and closed ones. I wish I was back home this christmas and was spending time with my family. It sucks to live alone and not seeing your family for such a long time. Mom, Dad, Bro…I miss you all!!

– I can’t believe we still have people rioting in various parts of the country and destroying public property in the name of caste and religion. I am deeply saddened by the events and I pray to God that he puts some sense in these people who cause these riots. They don’t understand that its their money which goes to the restoration process of these properties and then they complain about higher taxes. I blame the media for spreading such kind of news that would provoke violence and rioting.

– Indian crickets sucks!!! Sack all the players and stop playing cricket. Fine all those players who don’t score and don’t get wickets. Pay should only be based on performace. Make them earn their place in the team and make them earn their money.

– I am glad that Laxman and Ganguly are back in the Test team. However, I feel Anil Kumble should have been appointed the vice-captain and not Laxman. Sehwag needs to go home and think about his future. And Sachin should be told by the team management to adopt the more aggressive role. There should be only one strategy- Attack!!!

– Lastly, I feel i need to take a break….a big break….not from work but from all these crazy thoughts that run into my head. I need to relax and let things flow and not be concerned about anything and anyone.




One response

5 12 2006

Please do take a break and be more relaxed. Things are gonna happen as they are supposed to, why worry!!!!

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