9 11 2006

I sometimes wonder if I could have chosen a totally different career path then I am on one now, what would that be??? Judging by what I like to do the most….I think that would have been NOTHING!! haha!!

But I would still have done Something out of that Nothing so then Nothing actually becomes Something. See what I m saying…..nah….don t worry about it…whatever I say doesn’t always makes sense for the sane.

Choosing a career that is about nothing would allow me to do nothing, but then if I m doing nothing that means I m actually doing something to make sure that I do nothing. For example, if I am sitting at home and not working which is doing ‘nothing’ but then come to think of it.. I m sitting at home…which is ‘something’ to do ‘nothing’. Samjhe…??




One response

3 04 2007


Jerry Seinfeld called and he wants his script back from his “Show about nothing” episode. Nevertheless, if your comedy career is ever to get off the ground you need to start somewhere. Some day in the distant future when I’m watching you on TV accepting your Emmy for best comedy writer, I can turn to my wife and say, “That guy started from nothing!” So, blog on young man.


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