What about Premal

17 04 2006

After watching the show “What about Brian” where Brian is 30 something guy – single trying to find true love around his group of close friends who are either married or getting married. Now, I feel I am in a similar position as him. All of my close friends are about to get married, most of them by the end of this year and the others – it won t take them long before they tie the knot too. And now the only question they have for me is Premal, what about you??? What are your plans to get married and settling down?

What they don t understand is that they have found their special someone and are ready to settle down. But I’ve not met anyone special in my life with whom I would like to share my entire life. All of my life I have been stuck in places where there were hardly any girls around and if they were ..then they were totally Maaf…. sorry but it’s true. I went to an all Boys school in Bombay….took in Electronics in Junior College and Production Engg later on…girls run away from these kinda courses. And my friends never thought of hooking me up with someone coz they never knew anyone that I d like. (yea yea i know I m choosy) Once I came to US, I thought things would change….but noooooo….didn’t happen…made so many friends…but again..no one that I had strong feelings for.

One of my best friends from school was single till last year….met his love at work and is getting married. His earlier prediction was that he wasn’t getting married before he turned 28. But now, things have changed…and this is wat he says to me now “once you find your special someone you won t think about when to get married…you ll just want to get married and be with that person the whole time.” (ok not the exact words, but it’s the gist of it)

I am 25…and in 2 months time I ll be 26. Time is kinda running out on me to find my love on my own. Parents and Cousins back home are just waiting for me to come back in Dec and look at the list of girls that they hav selected for me. Dam, I ll feel like that Mr. Yogi guy from TV…remember Mr. Yogi (Y. I. Patel) who comes to India looking for a bride and sees like 20 girls in 20 days…saala mera saath bhi yeh ho saktha hai….and I am scared of this. This is not how I want to choose my life partner. I need some dating time…knowing each other better during that phase…likes, dislikes…mood swings….esp with my mood swings… there s so much that you have to know about each other before you can commit to a relationship. And I don t know if I am ready do that with a list of 20 girls in my hands and only one day for each one.

Ram Jaane mera kya hoga…..God Help me out here, will ya???




2 responses

19 04 2006

Daru peewanu, Cricket Ramwanu …Majaa ni life 😉

23 04 2006

heheheee premal …ur funniest when u r serious 🙂
just kiddin 😛

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