The Stop

3 04 2006

There seems to be a time in everyone’s life when things don’t go in your favor or dont’t work for you at all. It ‘s like everything has come to a STOP. Your life may be dependent on those things or atleast those things may affect some part of your life. No matter how hard you try to get it done or how much you pray for it to be done, it just does not happen. You feel like pulling your hair out…screaming your lungs out…yelling to all the people you come across..but you are unable to do so coz you know it will not help your cause in any way. Even praying for it everyday doesn t work. So you just feel like leaving it and not worrying abt it too much and hope that it will happen soon. But no matter how hard you try …you can t stop worrying abt it. It is always there at the back of your head or it might just come up when you are in conversations with your friends and there we go again, Tension!

It is easy for people who have not experienced the situation you are in to give you tips on how to get your work done. But they might not realise that you have already tried it or there is no way it can be done. Hence, the only thing that you can do is wait…wait …and hope that one fine day god would smile on you and grant you the joy of seeing your task/work being completed. Then, you will have a big Smile on your face and the relief of not worrying about one thing in your life.




6 responses

10 04 2006

it will see you through…I know its a tough time bhai, but i promise it will pass soon 🙂
take care

12 04 2006

i know its a tough time for you and it will pass with time. Every one of us has to go through it sometime in life…or many times in life even…
just be positive and always always have a back up plan. in case X doesnt work…you should have a Y to fall on.

12 04 2006

apparently my first line is exactly what himani wrote..
i think i read hers first and wrote mine…so some how my subconscious self made me type exactly the same thing…its funny how your mind works on so many different levels.

12 04 2006

there can’t be any Y here…. and X is not in my control too. I am sure people hav had these stages in life…but very few would hav been at this stage where they would hav no control on the outcome.

12 04 2006

oh and u think u know everyones life history by heart?

13 04 2006

Not everyones…but lets not get into that!!! I m here just saying that there are things which are not in your control and due to which u cannot move ahead in life.

neways…it was good talking to you ..even when we had nothing to talk about..:)–>

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