“Russell, you are getting older now. And, you are not married!”

19 02 2006

This is one of the famous lines from the Russell Peters Standup comic acts….and right now this is what the current situation is..
I m getting older…turning 26…in June…yes believe it or not….i am….i can t believe it…each n every day tht passes by , i m gettin old…
and yes..one of the concerns that my family has is that I m not married…well its more i m not looking forward to getting married soon…i still wanna enjoi my single life before I take the big leap…to be honest..i havnen t actually enjoied my single life so I m looking forward to enjoi it before i can say “Yes mom n dad…i m ready to get married” But i dun think so i ll ever be ready…..its too much responsiblity and lots of maturity involved and i dun think so i can handle all of that…

This has been quite an eventful year so far and will be more eventful as days n months go by…..4 friends getting married this year…2 in May to eaach other I may add…..and 2 at the year end….I m so happy for them….2 of my chaddi friends…..sala dono ki shaadi ho jayegi….i just can t imagine…chaddi dost se family man…quite a big jump….but comparing them with me..i feel they are more ready than me to get married…I may be older to them agewise..but they r more wiser than me for sure…..

Like Chandler, I m too scared of committment….its too much responsiblity and pressure…and I dun know if I can handle all of that…
I m picky…..dun like this..dun like that…..hav to things done in certain way….mere jitne nakhre toh ladki log ko bhi nahi hote…haha

so if you know someone who s single n is looking for a Gujju guy…..give her my number or email…. 😉 who knows it mite be a start of something fruitful…kya bolte ho???




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