She’s Back!

7 02 2006

So finally the cute sweet girl is back. After almost a month….but as they say…”der se hi sahi….wapas aayee toh”….Her look has changed a bit….but still she catches my attention everytime I see her on the bus. I try always to get a seat where I can see her cute face. I am sure she ‘s noticed that I look at her at every opportunity that I get. But there haven’t been any complaints so far.
But I have a complaint….I have never saw her smile not just to me but anyone in the busy……..quite a lot of bus rides together….but she s always quiet…reading or looking out the window…not talking to anyone…
I ve tried to think of different ideas that could get her smile or even a small chuckle….but nothing that could be tried and tested…
Let me know if you have any suggestions….n please don t tell me to smile at her and she ll smile back…I m very sure thats not gonna work.
Oh yea…by the way…I think she s married…coz I saw a huge diamond ring on her finger….but all i ask for is a SMILE…:-)




5 responses

10 02 2006

well premal i am glad u mentioned the diamond ring. I don’t think dogs travel by bus and wear rings as of yet. With Jai’s blog misleading us…..

Well hope she smiles for you.

Untill then do with mine 🙂

12 02 2006

well if she is married.. smile at her.. no harm done..

15 02 2006

abey yeh ladki ke chakkar mein mat pad….

15 02 2006

jo bhi ho yaar…ladki ka chakkar..ladke ke chakkar se kafi bhetar hai….
vegas main aa tereko bhi ek aachi se ladki se milata hu…;-)

16 02 2006

Thats true mate! I am soooo looking forward to meeting you guys in Vegas…khoob masti karenge!

Someone is going to miss out!!! Oh sorry…someone isnt even invited…how lame! At least sam shldve invited Vai (knowing that she isnt going to show up)…–>

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