Looking forward…

6 01 2006

First of all…Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone has a had a good start to this year…as for me….not off to a good one…..fever, cold, cough…all at once…for the past few days.

Time just flies now since I have started work….Monday comes…n the next thing u realise that its Friday already…but at work it seems like time is still….

Its good to see that all of my close friends have got jobs now…and everyone has moved forward with their lives….but it just feels like it was yesterday when I met them for the first time in school and I think about all the times we ve spent together….having dinners…parties…watching cricket matches…going for movies….trips to NJ and places….ahh so many Good Times!!
But things are different now….now we all need long weekends to spend time together….need to schedule our trips in advance….no spontaneity left anymore….

It felt good that this New Year I was with my friends…had a great time…did quite a lot of fun stuff…..but it makes me wonder when would be the next time when all of us would be in the same place and be together again….




2 responses

6 01 2006

Insha Allah !! sooner than anyone misses it too badly I hope…
get well soon and we can have more “over-a-steak-dinner-discussion”…(wink wink)

11 01 2006

ok whats all the wink wink Jai??!!!

anyways get well soon Premal.
and we’ll meet soon.. dont keep thinking about it.. soon comes soon if forgotten soon.
if that makes any sense.. otherwise forgive me…its a tuesday for gods sakes..–>

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