Trick or Treat OR Saal Mubarak

31 10 2005

This week we celebrate Halloween and Diwali (well Eid too). I miss celebrating Diwali and new years back home…..usually i would be either in Dwarka or Shrinathji (holy places) performing Lakshmi pujan and playing with the fireworks and shopping for new clothes and other coool stuff.

But for past 2 years, its been very different, no puja, no fireworks, no sweets most of all….i miss all the sweets that i used to get to hog on during those days. Kaju katri, pista barfi, rasgullas, ras malais, kaju pista rolls….mmmmmmmmmmmm…..mooh main pani aa raha hai…:-p…yaar…even though i m currently in the Indian Hub of United States…i miss all the different kinds of mithais….

I remember….during new years most of my relatives used to come to my place… was the day when we made a lot of money…..pair padooo…paise kamaooo….hahaha…kaaash yaha pe aisa kuch rivaaz hota….instead of goin “trick or treat” on halloween collecting candies…we collect dollars.

So wishing all of you a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year…aur jo merese bade hai unse ek request hai….aashirwad ke saath thode dollars bhi dedo isbaar. 🙂




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