Weird Dream

26 09 2005

I have always got weird dreams in the night…none of them ever make sense or have any logic attached to it.
Last night, I had this very weird dream and if i can recollect correctly…let me tell u abt wat it was..

I have this friend(girl) of mine..with whom i m not in touch anymore..for various reasons….now apparently she shows up in my dream…tryin to create problems in my life and also in the lives of my friends (couple) whom she doesnt know…She tries to create misunderstanding between the couple and all this while i was just a spectator to wat she was doin and how she was manipulating the entire situation…it was like a Hindi film…..her telling my friend that she ll reveal the truth about wat happened between them and trying to break his relationship with his girlfriend….(main sabko sach bata dungi ki kya chal raha tha hamera beech main)…..i was like ..wait…how the hell do they know each other…they ve never met before or even heard abt each other…….I swear man….it was very very weird…

lekin naseeb hi gandu toh kya kare pandu…aankh khul gayi aur…sala suspense pata hi nahi chala ki kya chal raha tha dono ke beech…ek affair shayad…..kya farak padta hai ki dream tha…suspense pata chalta toh aur mazaa aata…

now lets wait for part 2 🙂




3 responses

26 09 2005

tu woh scene bhool gaya jab teri (vamp) friend, tere dost ko boltee hain “main tumhare bachche kee maan banne waali hoon”!! …
aaah .. good ol’ dreams!!

26 09 2005

vamp.woh pata nahi….but she was one beautiful villanous female..:)

26 09 2005

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