Mirza Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 09 2005

So its Sania Mirza Mania that has taken over US Open this year…..she s cute…she s 18 and she s indian and most importantly she is in the 4th Round match against no. 1 seed Maria Sharapova….who expected that to happen…not me…..but finally we ve managed to get one good tennis player from the country who is capable of moving up in the singles tournament.

Paes, Bhupathi….good doubles player…singles….they suck. They could be a great force in doubles if they set aside they differences and play with each other again…

Neways, this post is not abt indian tennis….its about Sania Mirza……I just hope that all the endorsements and publicity that she ll get once she s back home …doesnt take her away from the tennis…
Now, since she is in the top 50..42 to be precise….I would love to see her in the top 20 and its not that difficult considering her toughness and character she shows in the game…only area of weakness…..her serving and unforced errors….

All the best…Sania….keep the wins coming in…..

( I’m hoping I get some company to see US Open this Sunday)




3 responses

5 09 2005

so much for that.. 6-2 6-1 … but i guess the scoreline doesnt tell a fair story.. if u saw the match u know what i mean..

5 09 2005
Premal Mehta

she played real well..for the first set…matched the winners with sharapova…but as i said…her serve is very weak and the number of unforced errors…
but overall..very good improvement from the Aus Open match against serena….
since u saw the match…i think u will agree that she was looking very stunning as good as Maria 🙂

5 09 2005

“i think u will agree that she was looking very stunning”
truer words havent been spoken–>

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