The End

29 08 2005

When u start something new, u know that it has to come to an end. Sometimes the end is far and sometimes it’s sooner and sometimes u never know when it will end.

I had started something few months back, really enjoied it and today, it came to an end. I din’t want it to end atleast not so soon but it had to end eventually if not now, then after a few months.

Like they say…all good things come to end sooner or later.
So is it THE END or the start of a NEW BEGINNING….i dun know.




5 responses

30 08 2005

do i know what that was?

1 09 2005

what are we to make of this cryptic post??
any clues of what ended .. or what started?

1 09 2005

ok so i thought i was going to read something like, “my boring life has come to an end, cos now i am working and training…”

did not see this coming!!!!
what has ended that is making you all weepy?

1 09 2005

ok dont tell me its your Seinfeld era…i will kill u if i am right.

1 09 2005

I am not weepy…and has nothin to do with Seinfeld….haha

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