Who’s yr fav Superhero?????

17 08 2005

I believe everyone has a superhero whom they’ d like to be or like to emulate one day. Afterall, there are so many out there and new ones comin everyday with each new animated movie from Walt Disney, Fox, Pixar. So who is your favorite superhero?? Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Phantom, Daredevil, GreenLantern, Wolverine, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America and our very own Shaktimaan. Also, remember Tap-Some-Bone, the chinaman from the Russell Peters standup comedy.

My favorite is undoubtedly, SUPERMAN! I have always admired him from the first time I saw him in the movie’ Superman’. Everything about him is so cool – flying, superspeed, bulletproof, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, heat generating power and so much more. It said that Superman got his powers and his abilites due to Earth’s lower gravity compared to Krypton and the yellow Sun. I have always tried out different things and tried the scream of He-Man too….’By the power of GraySkull, I have the power’ and tried so many other things when i was kid, just to find out if i had some special ability that would make me a superhero.

I also took part in the fancy dress competition in school and who i dress like…our very own Superman….although i didnt win the competition coz if my memory serves me right…there are other superman s too in the competition…who said the lines much better than me. Few years down the line, my brother doned the same outfit and tried to be Superman, he lost too. HAHA.

I am not a big comic book fan but i m very much a fan of superhero movies and series….i remember watching Batman and Robin on StarTv and then Spiderman cartoons. I still watch the series ‘Smallville’ based on Superman comics. Now, the new Superman movie is coming out, i can t wait to watch that one….but no matter who acts as a Superman, Christopher Reeve played the role to perfection. Who wouldnt love to play a superhero? We’ve had so many actors play Batman, so many who wanted to play Superman after Christopher Reeve…more than ppl who want to James Bond. I d love to play Superman or Spiderman, but i wouldn’t look the part for both. HAHA.




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21 08 2005

so cute 🙂

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