For Love or Money

12 08 2005

This Micheal J Fox starrer is about a guy who has to choose between his love or money that he ll get from an investor if he helps him take care of his mistress.
Sounds familiar, yes……this is the movie that inspired our very own YES BOSS. But, this is one better coz it has Micheal J Fox in it n not the rootlu pootlu SRK.

So wat would u choose if u were in that kinda situation???? Love for a girl who loves someone elz but then realises that she loves u or the Money required to fulfill ur life long dream.
I dun know…its kinda hard….never fallen in love…so dun hav an answer….but dreams, Yes!!!…i hav many….n i definitely need lotta money for that.




3 responses

12 08 2005

Duniya ka bhagwaan hai paisa…
Tu bhagwaan hai kaisa?

Ab yeh baat samajh mein aayi
tu bhi mere jaisa
paisa paisa paisa

13 08 2005

the whole thing is that ke bhaiyya…
sabse bada rupayya!!

14 08 2005

oh really???

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