Happy Friendship Day

7 08 2005

Wishing all my friends a wonderful ‘Happy Friendship Day‘ and thanking them on this day to be a part of my life and sharing their experiences with me and giving me valuable lessons in life.

Friends….the best thing to happen to you after your parents and your siblings. When you are a kid, you make your friends without choosing them, it just happens and you become close and best pals for life or you lose touch with them and go separate ways. When you grow up, you choose your friends after talking to them and getting to know them better and then u decide whether u want to keep in touch and be friends or just want to limit it to being acquaintances. Once you become good friends you depend on a lot on him/her for important decisions in life, emotional support, guidance and just about having a good time when things are not goin your way.

I ve had many friends till now…..some are still good friends…others …..well…we lost our way or gone separate ways and not in touch anymore…but that doesn t mean that i dun want to be friends…just tht we made choices that were different and it took us to different places and hence was hard to keep in touch.
I ve learnt a lot from my friends….honestly….most of my experiences…good or bad…..things, i ve learnt..good or bad….have all been with my friends…and i want to Thank my friends for all of this….it has helped me be a better person…and helped me learn valuable lessons in life.

Sometimes when i look back and think about some of the friends that i had…i regret in trusting them blindly…coz they happen to be a totally different person than u know and then they come from behind and stab u in the back and blame u for everything thats gone wrong……I wish i was more careful back then in trusting them …..but then come to think about….i haven t changed much now …….

I ve tried to be good friends with everyone….I m not sayin that i m a perfect guy or a perfect friend….I mite hav my own share of flaws that u guys are aware of….but i d just like to say this to all of u….i ve never ever tried or did anything knowingly that i knew would hurt someone or his feelings….unknowingly i mite hav..i dun know… and i d like to apologize for that….

but there are certain things that i dun like abt some of my friends…..i dun like it when they call me only when they need some help or guidance…..not tht i dun mind that…i d like to help them out…but then guys….just call me sometimes just for some regular chit chat n not just when u need something….would really appreciate that…i m not sayin that u share everything with wats goin on with ur life…but then jsut a few mins of casual conversation..but please dont talk to me when i call just for the heck of it…..but then again…i mite be doin the same thing to others too…so can t blame anyone….

I ve tried and will always try to help my friends in watever way i can…..I want them to know that whenever u need me…u can count on me and i d be there for you and will do everything in my strength to help you. And I want to thank again for all my friends who helped me and guided me in every possible way they can.




4 responses

8 08 2005

parimal bhai
you are a good man .. nice to know you… Happy Friendship day to you too!!

9 08 2005

Bhai, I agree with mulder. I always know I can count on you. I hope you can trust me the same way too. Thanks for being what you are.
I wouldn’t mind if you grew up just a little bit though 😛
Happy Friendship Day to you too!!!

9 08 2005


You are a good man Premal bhai!
And i am glad that i know you…JSK and happy friendship day to you too 🙂


9 08 2005
Premal Mehta

thank you all….and i m thankful to God to make you guys a part of my life. 🙂

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