Fear Factor

2 08 2005

I think Fear Factor is the most disgusting show ever….the stunts and the games are fine but when it comes to the dare where you hav to eat something….it just gets DISGUSTING.

I saw the episode today where people had to eat live worms, things covered in live red ants, eat live dragon flies and the last thing was covered in flies….eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssss….and all this for wat….. $50000….i know it s a lotta money….but please leave the part where ppl have to eat these slimy n dirty insects…

I wish the show was just about conquering fears in people by making them do things that they are scared to do …..jumping from high rises, water stunts…stunts that deal with animals and insects but not making them eat it. I guess there should be some kind of regulation that stops them from doing it.
I would love to do those car stunts, high rise walks, jumping from the choppers, water stunts..as long as i dun hav to swim coz i can t swim.

I d also love to take part in ‘The Amazing Race’….i believe thats an amazing show and a very nice concept to test relationships and work in pressure and it involves stunts…travelling the world….and all this for $ 1 Million…..cool yaar….I d like to take part in that…so if someone is ready to be my partner for this….then Lets go for it….kya bolte ho….ho jayee???




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