Bad mood

22 07 2005

Have u ever felt when u get up in the morning that this is not gonna be your day? I m feeling something like this today….Just not feeling good….not in the mood to do anything…..not even watching TV…I can t believe that….TV is one thing I can do at any point of time….today nah….

No bad news…no arguments…no one said anything that hurt me…but just not in the Moood….
Hoping that my mood changes soon…n be happy n smiling again….

Seinfeld is something that can cheer me up…lets see if that works




2 responses

22 07 2005

u r probably bored and need to go out n meet some people. hope ur day was good

22 07 2005

and you know what premal, me too..
i have been yelling at sameer, wrote some crap to himani…i have been all over the place.

i am so tired…i am still at work.. with a whole lot of packing to do.
i need to go and get a drink or something.

basically i am need of a vacation real bad. Its been 2 years of all work and no play.

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