Riddle Time

15 07 2005

I dun feel like writing much today except asking u guys some riddles….lets see if u can get them right….:)

1. A TC (ticket checker) starts checking tickets on a train travelling from Churchgate to Borivali in the ladies compartment. TC meets a woman wearing a saree and asks her for ticketat Bombay Central. She says ” ticket toh nahi hai jee” . TC says ” thik he 200 rupaiye”. Then TC comes across a woman wearing a salwar kameez at Dadar station and asks her ” ticket please madam?”. she replies ” ticket nahi hai mere paas.” TC collects a fine for Rs. 150. Then TC comes across a girl in skirt and a shirt at Bandra and asks her for the ticket and she too doesnt have it. Collects a fine for Rs. 100. Next at Andheri TC comes across a hot girl in tank top and a mini skirt..wow….and asks for ticket…she says very politely ” mere paas ticket nahi hai jee”. TC looks at the girl and says Rs. 50 please. Next, TC comes across one more girl at Borivali station but doesnt collect any fine…..now You have to tell me why doesnt the TC collect the fine from the girl??

2. Math riddle – I need 4 numbers between 1 and 40 such that when u use these numbers either individually or together u should get all the numbers between 1 and 40. U cannot use the same number again and the only operations that u can perform with the numbers is addition and subtraction. For example, if I say I want 6 then using those 4 numbers, u shld be able to give me 6. If i say 35, then u shld be able to give me 35 with addition or subtraction of those numbers.

So start cracking your brains….Lets hope u get the right answers…:)




6 responses

15 07 2005

beacuse the train has reached its final destination. n there is no mention of when this woman boarded the train

15 07 2005

wooooooooooooo numbers scare me. I don’t dare to attempt that one

15 07 2005

are u sure these arent five numbers????

15 07 2005
Premal Mehta

nopes…4 numbers….
and Hims…abt ur answer..i ll let u know later when others have made their attempts at it…

16 07 2005

Ok … she also never said
” ticket nahin hai jee” heeheee

18 07 2005

1, 3, 9, 27 if u want numbers only between 1 to 40, but 1, 3 , 9 , 29 will also give any number between 1 to 40.

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