Fighting the WAR

15 07 2005

Last weekend I got a first hand experience of how a soldier faces the bullets on the battlefield and trust me…its not that easy. The event I am talking about is Paintball that me and my friends went for in New Hampshire. The bullets are small paintballs that come to you so fast that you dun even have a chance to dodge them.

We went throught 4 different locations or setups for the game. The first one was set out in the woods and we had to capture the flag on the other side. Our team had (rental) semi automatic guns that fired shots 1 or 2 balls per sec and the team we faced were pros in paintball who had their own guns that could fire shots at much high speeds than we could imagine. First game gave us the whole experience of how the war would be when u can t see the enemy and the location and the shots just come at you at high speeds. We just couldn t match them…imagine what our soldiers would have felt when they were against fully automatic and better guns than them.

Well, we managed to win one game thanks to a kid who had done this thing like a hundred times, but still we were good at not getting shot in that round…the only round where I survived..hehe….but I did manage to get two ppl down…and teamed with Sameer to get one more down.

After this one, it was again the turn to get shots…and this time it hurt and it hurt bad…givin all of us bruises on ur body….and it stings bad when they hit u….

This whole experience was something that we all will remember and I m sure everyone who came with me agrees with it.

It gave all of us a small experience as what will be like in the actual war. I salute all our brave soldiers who ve taken bullets for the nation.




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