Hey Horn

6 07 2005

today i saw an Ad on tv for a product called ‘Hey Horn’

the whole idea of the product is to say hey to ppl by honking the horn…haha…..
instead on honking the horn of the car…u use a key chain that has a sound of horn and u press that to say hey to ur friends, good looking chicks….etc..etc….

wow…such an amazing product….so innovative….i m sure this is gonna be super duper hit in the market….




4 responses

6 07 2005

It is the bhonpu the auto drivers use to draw aggression… ooops I mean attetion!!

6 07 2005

imagine this…

A chick walks by and u press ur kecyhain and say “hey Horn”. The next u know is you are in the hospital with a broken jaw, caus her hunk of a boyfried was walking a few steps behind her!!!!

6 07 2005
Premal Mehta

i m sure..i wouldn t buy that…;)

8 07 2005

hey ram, i mean hey horn
premal ye aise products kabhi nahi chalenge idhar…
ye amru log to itne apne me busy hote hain, no one will even turn to look at this horn…–>

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