Premu Bhai

10 06 2005

After watching D, looking at the character of D – Deshu, i realised all u need to be a Don is daring nothin elz. U dont necessarily have to physically strong but u do have to be mentally as it s all the mind games that these dons play. To shoot someone at point blank range, u need the balls to do it by looking him in the eye and shooting him as u r taking away a life and that life could be anyones…a fellow gangster, a rich person, or a police man or sometimes even a common man. The sole aim of these goons is to make money and not to get caught by the system. I ve heard it in a movie in which they say “logo ka darr is dandhe ke liye sabse bada fayda hai” if people are scared of them they wont go to the police and complain or be a witness against any crime. Few years ago and i guess even now, people are scared to go the police to get their work done, they go to the BHAIs.

Living in Mumbai, u realise that there is such a big influence of the underworld in the city. Even though, Dawood and Chotta Shakeel (in police custody now) or Chotta Rajan they have a big influence in people s lives. One Phone call from the bhai s ” Kya be shane, bahut maal kama raha hai tu aajkaal, Ek KOKHA tyar rakhna budhwar tak, Rajanbhai ne bola hai, samjha kya. chal phone rakh abhi”

Sometimes, i think that even i could be a don, i know i m not physically strong but then who in underworld is…all they have is the Ghoda ( gun) and the gand main dum ( sorry for the language). If i manage to hav the guts and i stop caring for human lives, then i could be a don too. Phir aapna bhi naam hoga kya, Premal Mehta se Premu Bhai…hahaha..funny…




4 responses

13 06 2005

Yeh kya bakwaas hai

13 06 2005

kabhi kabhi karni padti hai thodi bakwaas….hahha

14 06 2005

duniya bhar ki bakwaas kar tu premal….

14 06 2005

main din mein kam bakwaaas nahi sunta ki aur sun luun..


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