4 06 2005

Being a Gemini, we (as in people born between may21 – jun 20) have twin personality. I believe so.
I guess, they say that Gemini’ s are hard to understnad becoz of this trait. I dun know abt that. Maybe people who know me can comment on that….Am I hard to understand i mean personality wise and not my communication skills ;)..haha.

we are lively, talkative, need variety in life, love reading ( no books for me…anything elz will do). we are kind, generous, affectionate, courteous, good loooking (ok i made the last one) but they do say gemini s are attractive. some of my college friends from undergrad used to tell me that gemini s are big flirts…i wonder if thats true….am I or am i not….i guess we need to ask this questions to the girls i know….
one of the worst traits of geminis are that they are superficial and cunning. they would do anything to keep their mind occupied…so they dun like to bogged down or sit alone so they love mental challenges…no hard work here.

u can read more abt gemini s here on this link…

But i still haven t figured out the thing i was looking for…..who are gemini s most compatible with….having twin personality can make this very diffcult i guess….




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