22 05 2005

What is music?

  1. The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.
  2. Vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, or rhythm.

I can t do without music…when i work or study..i need music…be it any kinda…film soundtracks, pop songs, ghazals, rock songs, etc.. And i have a bad habit of singing too..n it irritates a lot of ppl…but i dun care usually coz i tend to enjoi the music n go with the flow…..ok..sorry to all the ppl who ve heard me singing….but i think i hav a decent voice…hmm….do i ?? i guess so….

i know two ppl who hav a great voice…one s apni Himani n other Vai…..Himani can get any kinda of song….she s amazing….n Vai…she s gettin better…ahhaa….n my fav song whch she sings is Dil hai chota sa..from Roja…(coz thats the only one i ve heard her sing..hahaha

comin back to the music….there are so many kinds of music….pop, reggae, rap, rock, country, hip-hop, folk, punkrock, softrock,ghazals n then there s Indian MUSiC….it s hard to put Indian Film music in any of these categories.. now we hav one more category…indian remix….

personally, remixes work for me…as long as they are done well…for example- bally sagoo, instant karma, and some other artists too…

film music is my all time fav…u can t get more variety than that anywhere…..old film songs are good…RD is n was the Best….n now u hav AR Rahman…i like his music….some ppl think he s got the same sound…but i dun think so….

as for musical instruments…i think the guitar is the hardest to play…i can t get it..tried a lot….tabla….can t do that too…can t do any of the string instruments…n can try the keyboard…n the drums…i d love to play the drums….

Music, i m sure is a part of almost everyone s life….everyone likes music….but different kinds of music…wat i like mite not be wat u like…its very hard to find someone who ll hav a very similar taste as u in music…





One response

22 05 2005

thanks for complimenting my slow but steady progress and yes the your crooning in peoples ears is annoying, esp. when you have no idea how cachophonous you can get on some notes!

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