20 05 2005

With the appointment of an Indian Cricket team coach just hours away….The four contenders are Amarnath, Chappell, Moody and Haynes. I d like to have a say as to who would be my pick among the four running for it – Greg Chappell.

It is such a big issue in India and world cricket right now, the appointment of an indian team coach – the richest cricket board in the world and i suppose the position would be the highest paid cricket coach too considering the number of people who expressed their interest in the position.
Lets look at the people who showed interest apart from the four mentioned above – Ashok Malhotra ( who the hell is this guy…did he play cricket for India…i can t think of any match), Balwinder Singh Sandhu ( i can just think of this guy taking the opening wicket of the WI team in the finals of the 1983 world cup..thats other memories of him playin cricket…though he was the coach of the Mumbai cricket team..dun know how he would do at international level ), Dean Jones ( fine australian cricketer…they say one of the best to play the one- day game), Dav Whatmore ( ex coach of the victorious Sri Lankan Team and currently coaching Bangldesh). Names of John Buchannan, Steve Waugh, Steve Rixon and others were also splashed in the press.
I guess..even i shld send my resume….atleast we wouldnt hav to discuss the sponsorship of visa as I m Indian….hahaha…plus i ll demand much lesser salary than others…and wouldn’t mind it doing it for free too…:)

So, why is this postion so sought after? For me, I believe coaching a team like India should be a great honor for any cricketer in the world. People consider cricket to be a religion in india and players are gods or demi gods….well Sachin is a god for me in cricket…no one can change that….n now Dravid has earned quite a name for himself too. When a team has players as Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman, Yuvraj, Kaif, Kumble, Harbhajan, Zaheer, Pathan, Balaji ( i guess i hav the entire playin 11…hahah) who are fantastic performers…their records speaks for them…u would want them to beat any team in the world….but thats not the case…I believe its the coach who sets the team and develops a strategy to win the game and the captain is there to execute it to perfection…But thats not being happening with this team….Every cricketer in the world believes that its only the indian team that can match up to the performances of the Australian team….but it doesnt happen….

every commentator has his own winning formula for the team to win….but they are not able to execute it….so are we…as we hav our own strategies too….don t we talk abt it all the time when we watch the game..i do…n i know my friends too..we all think that we can be the coach and take the team to victory…n we are so disappointed when the team loses….

Looking at the Indian team coach again — i believe John Wright did a fantabulous job…in getting the team right and showing every player his capability to perform…But now we need someone to take them to the next level…n my personal feeling is that Greg Chappell is the right man for it….Looking at his resume ( not that he sent me one) but from wat i read about him in the papers and the websites…i think he has the potential to take the team to next level and will command a lot of respect in the team….he has the most international cricket experience than his counterparts….and his records are much better than them too…except Haynes..who i thnk was one of the best openers in the world. Today, we need someone who has the knowledge of technology and can use to it to improve performances….Chappell..i believe has the knowledge of it and can use it better than others…Amarnath ..had to get his brother in law to operate his presentation…now that doesn t sound good to my ears…i mean..its not difficult to operate a powerpoint presentation…but then i hav no clue as to wat his presentation was like..
Moody…fine cricketer…but coaching abilities….dun know…same for Haynes….
And all the cry abt an Indian being an indian cricket team coach…i dun agree with that… has become too much a business now to let someone run the team and watch the team lose…..theres too much money involved in the game….the BCCI and the fans want the team to win…and so does the sponsors….

So whoever is the coach….Please get the team to perform to their capabilities and i m sure if they do that….INDIA will be the next big thing in cricket …..




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