day One…oct 7, 04

7 10 2004

created the blog today…din intend to do it..wanted to sign in to my course’s blog but ended up creating mine…so here it is…lets see how this blog goes…how controversial it gets…any scams..any gossips…wait n watch…..

got up in the mornin at 11 to the sound of the alarm on my cellphone….
n the first thing i do is chk the score of the india aus first test…how much did india make….well it turned out…that india were 150/6 n need more than 100 runs to save the follow on..

later…my roomate gives the news that dell laptops are available for $800 something…n that s pretty cheap considering the laptop configs n everythign …$200 cheaper than i got it for….

after that started to work on the assignment for today s IST class….very interesting course….n i feel i can do well in this course n in this track of database management…

had an online meeting with my group for the SAP course…thigns went well….n then after the meeting got over..decided to post the conclusions from the meeting on the course’s blog….but instead of doin that i ended up creating my own…..

well its jsut 3 right…there s still some more time for the day to get over…
so lets see wat the second half of the day has instore for me..





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